Cryostat Design

A low temperature environment can be used to enhance a production process, to isolate thermal noise and test phenomena at the lowest of temperatures or to house a superconducting magnet.  

We can design the following items:

Liquid helium cooled chambers at temperatures as low as 1.2 K.  These can be cooled either by the liquid contents in the cryostat (bath cooling) or by an external source of liquid helium (process cooling).
Liquid nitrogen cooled cryostats at temperatures as low as -208°C or 65 K.  Again the cooling can be from the liquid nitrogen stored in the cryostat or from a controlled flow of liquid from an external source.
Environmental test chambers where the temperature is regulated by the controlled injection of liquid nitrogen or by heat transfer from a liquid cooled heat exchanger.

Please contact us to enquire about any requirements for low temperatures systems, either for production or experimental applications.

Cryostat utilities
 A large cryostat under construction
Large thin solenoid during factory tests
  Instrumentation neck  

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