Process Cooling

Liquid nitrogen can deliver powerful and effective cooling at temperatures as low as 196°C.  It out-performs other cooling methods when the temperature requirement is colder than 50°C, when there are large peaks in the cooling power demand and when there is a demand for nitrogen gas inerting near the point of use.  Examples are reaction cooling in the pharmaceutical industry where the quality of a product from an exothermic reaction is improved by maintaining the reaction at a low temperature; or pollution abatement by freezing and trapping volatile organic compounds by the gas stream through a liquid nitrogen cooled heat exchanger.  In both these examples it is typical for the customer to recover the spent liquid nitrogen gas for inerting requirements in the factory. 

We have the ability to understand the cooling requirements of an industrial process.  We can quantify the cooling power; design effective systems to supply the nitrogen cooling to the point of demand and evaluate the investment cost and the running cost for the application.

If the project is viable we can select and manage subcontractors to implement an effective installation at the customer's factory

Process cooling control panel

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